If the World Sports Betting Cape Cobras had taken 90% of their chances in the field they would have won the match against the Warriors in the Momentum One-Day Cup with 30 runs to spare, said Kyle Verreynne, batting hero of the hosts, after the 3-wicket loss at Eurolux Boland Park.

Verreynne struck 84 off 76 balls and powered the hosts to 276 for six.

Sisanda Magala scored a boundary off the penultimate delivery of the match to set up the three wicket-win for the chasing Warriors, They ended on 277 for seven. The Warriors chased down 28 runs in the final three overs to win the match.

“It was quite a tough wicket and difficult to score on. It was slow, but once I had 20 odd it got a lot easier to bat on. I would say we had score enough runs. A total of 280 would have been par,” said Verreynne.

“But we dropped about three chances and there were also misfields. If we had taken those chances, we would have won with about 30 runs to spare.

“We have a young good fielding unit and did well in the Four-Day Franchise Series, taking most of our chances,” Verreynne said.

In the match between the Dolphins and the Lions, both teams struck 300s, but Verreynne said that a score in excess of 300 would have been a tough score to achieve at Boland Park.

Pieter Malan (54) and Zubayr Hamza (49) played beautifully in the match at Paarl, although, with the 20/20 vision of hindsight, it would have been ideal if one or both would have batted through to compile 80 or 100.

“I guess you could say it was soft dismissals, but nobody does that on purpose. They both batted well,” he said.

Verreynne said he is working with wicket-keeper coach Ezra Poole, to improve and hone his own keeping skills.